awww.My baby shed a tear on meh lol. i can't believe she cried lyke it was so unbelievable everyone was crying it was the most saddest heart breaking day ever the people that you been wiff forever your finally leaving each other no more being on each other neck 24/7 now it's time 2 find new friends and do new things on our own.
i luvxx her so much and all my others friends i made and had there.
(2 GRADE-8 GRADE) i love you hun and we will always be 2getther 4 ever and ever can't nobody take our love from each cuz im ur wife and ur mine lolz well love you baby wanna stay close 4 ever and we promise we will 2 and i kno that.were going to see each other again there's no doubt bouh that i promise we will meet again lolz (tear)

Diamod&Destiny 4 ever and ever


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