M3 and DAD

diz was a really special day for me i just graduated and i needed a warm hug from the dad. i finally can't belive that im going to hs now lyke i been in ps.188 since 2 grade basically for the rest of my life i been there and now im finally out!.
now im on my own i feel lyke a new person i can finally say im a grown woman now lol. well yah but i really do love you guys and im going to miss you so much!. and i wanna keep in contact because im moving but when i move i will post it onto my blog and tell you how all the packing went lolz and how the place look and my brand new room baby oh YEAH!!! cant't wait too see my new room in my new house=)
<--- luv you x3 can't nobody take dat love away from us!=D


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